Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mount Peyton

Mount Peyton at 482 m is by no means a high point off the earth, but, it is however, a great destination for an outing on snowmobile. With the 20+cm in the forecast for tomorrow and more to follow later this week I would say the warmup shelter at the base will soon be busy. I have seen days last winter with literally hundreds of snowmobilers making Mount Peyton their destination. There is a warmup shelter not far from the mountain, the trails leading in and out are clearly marked and well groomed with adequate snow.


Karen said...

Really nice. Is this visible from the highway? I've driven across the island so many times but I never noticed it before. Of course that was before I was into photography.

Corey Ford said...

Actually taken from the car, about half way between Gander and Appleton. There are several places you can see it, including here in Gander near the Aviation museum.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot...very impressive.