Sunday, March 18, 2007


Still recovering, it's going to be a long slow process. I was looking through some pictures I've taken this winter and came across a number of shots of jays, it's funny every time when we stop for a break on the trail in less than 5 minutes without fail there come the jays. They are fearless probably hoping for a handout, but this little guy looks like he's been eating well! On another note I will be in the market for a macro lens and a zoom lens in the very near future for my Olympus E-Volt, but most of all I am looking for advice and suggestions on where and what to buy, especially if you have the same e-mail....

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photowannabe said...

Hey, hope your recovery is speedy and your back to your old self soon.
Great shot of the Jay. They are the most precocious birds. This one doesn't look like our Steller Jays we have in Northern California.